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Our new Customer Service Guarantee

Part of our commitment to customers is to strive toward the best customer service that we can offer. In order to provide this to you, FRA is also proud to announce that we have a new Customer Service Guarantee.

If you would like a copy of the Service Guarantee, please contact us at FRA on 1300 667 692 or email us at

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FRA’s new customer focused slogan

One of keys to our success is that we genuinely care about our customers. So much so that we recently asked our staff for their entries in what they believe to be the key response we should have in dealing with customers.

The slogans had many and varied wording, but the theme was consistent. We are here for you, whenever disaster strikes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also felt that a slogan needs to be both meaningful and reliable. Therefore, we are proud to announce that the FRA slogan for all customers is now

“when disaster strikes”

It means when you do have an unfortunate circumstance where fire, flood, mould or water damage happens when you least expect it and disaster strikes you, your family or business, we are with you to help restore your peace of mind, arrange the items that need to be restored and to put you back on your feet as quickly as we can.

It is all because at FRA, we really do care about you.