Fire Restoration

FRA project manages many fire restoration works throughout the year, we understand and empathize with how devastating it can be.  Our goal is to restore as much of your content and structure as possible.  While there may be some items that are non-restorable, FRA will document this in an inventory.  Time is of the essence, as it passes on, it allows for secondary damages to occur.  The sooner FRA can get on-site and begin a make safe, the more contents we will be able to restore.  FRA will ensure that contents and structure are cleaned appropriately so that the smoke odour is eradicated and there are no lingering odours in the structure.

We are there to support you through this process to ensure your property is restored to the industry standards and a pre-loss condition.

FRA Response

FRA will provide an assessment report of the full extent of the damage that has occurred. This will include the impact of the smoke, residues, heat damage from the fire, damaged contents, structure that can be cleaned, etc.  In addition, FRA will explain what items can be restored and the techniques we will use. This is an important step during the assessment process as you will want to be fully informed on what can be restored back to its original condition and what will be deemed non-restorable.  

As no two fires are the same and the extent of the damage will differ, FRA’s assessments can include odour and smoke eradication, cleaning, sanitization, and cleaning of the air vents and ducts.

We will keep you fully informed of the progress of the job as part of our overall communications.

Tell Us About Your Situation

We are available 24/7 Australia-wide to respond to your emergency.


It is not often I feel compelled to write an email to a company but on this occasion, it is well deserved. From the moment Josh came to inspect our water damage and Aaron overseeing the job at our property and then knocking out walls, floors, ceiling insulation, and more, their work has been exemplary.
Your team's professionalism, high standard of work, getting in and getting the job done, (no mucking about) I am truly grateful for. I must add also calling the reception, the girls there know exactly who you are, and what your job entails, fantastic. So wish all the team at FRA A HUGE THANK YOU!!.
Laura A. - Catering company in Launceston

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