How you can tell if you’re working with a good Restoration company

The most difficult time for Insurers, Brokers, Home and Business owners is when an unfortunate calamity of fire, flood or mould is experienced, generally at the worst possible time.

In water restoration, the importance of using the best Restorer can prove the difference between your home or business remaining under water for a long period of time or being restored back to its original condition in a timely manner.

There is no point trying to look up the phone book or typing in a website address to decide who will best suit your needs as the burst pipe is shooting water across the room or all over your en-suite, even if you think you can mop up the water.

Now (as you read this article) is the best time to load the phone number of the best restorer so you can take action swiftly should you need to.

So, how can you tell a good company from a bad one? Read on and we will try our best to help you make the best decision on the best restorer.

It is crucial that the Restorer responds quickly to alleviate any concerns you may have so do they have the drying equipment available when you need them most.

What you need

When you do have an emergency with water flooding into your home or business, you need a Restorer that offers 24/7 response. This is something that many people won’t realise until they have an emergency situation.

The fact is, the longer it takes to send someone out, the greater the chances are that a simple clean water event will turn into a black water event within a few days. It also means that many of your prized belongings may need to be disposed of rather than restored.

Your company should also be local where possible. If the company is not based in your area, the longer it will take to attend and the more damage is likely to occur before they even get there.

Where to start

Let’s face it, whether we need to find a good mechanic, a good plumber or a good restorer, many of the same principles apply.

Are the people you’re dealing with qualified?

Water restoration is a highly skilled process and you need fully qualified practitioners to work at your home or business. Therefore, the Restorer should be endorsed by national training accreditation with recognised organisations such as IICRC. If they have only in house training without verification and testing from external bodies, or have out of date accreditation, they may not have the latest qualifications in the industry and you may be at risk. Choose companies that have an up-to-date training regime that ensures they are fully compliant and qualified. You will generally find their qualifications within their web pages.

You firstly need to ensure the company has good customer reviews on its website.

To endorse the companies’ professionalism, you should also have a look at their website in some detail. Do they have uncompleted pages, phone numbers which seem out of date, confusing detail which is hard to follow?

Does it look as though a professional has been engaged or has it simply thrown together? All of these questions will help you decide which restorer will provide you with the best service.

Feedback on websites can also give you an indication of which restorer provides the best service. Whist you don’t want to see consistently negative or bad reviews, only positive rave reviews of may also be misleading. All reviews should be verifiable by customer experience. The best companies will clearly note these on their website.

If the website has never been updated or lacks professionalism, you should really look elsewhere.

How they assist you


Most importantly, you need to ask the types of services that the Restoration Company has on offer. Most companies will offer the basic drying services such as air movers and de-humidifiers, but do they have the specialised drying equipment that is required for the more complex drying jobs? You need a one stop shop that has the capability to provide all types of drying services.

The capability of the company will indicate what they are able to help you with. For example, does the Restoration Company provide sanitisation services? If they don’t, and simply dry the area, you may be living in unhygienic surrounding and you may get ill simply by living there.

Do they offer any mould remediation services? Also, do they have any mould remediation qualifications through reputable organisations such as Jena Dyco? If not, you may find that black mould may infiltrate your home and build up over time. This can cause health issues to the occupants of the home or business making it unliveable or in a business environment, unworkable.

The restorer should also be able to assist with the removal of your belongings and contents of your home or business. This way, they can be protected from any potential damage that may occur. These should be stored at their own site or at a safe location where they can be easily retrieved.

In short, the restoration company should have many different skills rather than simply drying. When you compare companies, you need to be satisfied that the company is able to offer you a total service that will give some peace of mind when it comes to such an important event. Most companies will be very transparent with you on what they can or can’t offer, but if you’re unsure, then contact their office to speak to someone about the services they offer. This also represents a great opportunity to get to know the people that are in their customer service area which will give you an idea of the type of service you can expect.


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