Meth & Clandestine Drug Lab Recovery

Clandestine Drug Lab Decontamination

Resultant property damage from illicit marijuana grows house or methamphetamine cooking/use in a property can wreak havoc on the structure and contents such as porous building materials, including carpet, plasterboard walls, and fittings. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to clean up the property as it can be highly detrimental to your health, potentially causing respiratory problems due to the chemical contamination and toxic gases that may be present.

Methamphetamine Contamination

The chemical effects and degree of contamination of a clandestine drug lab cannot be determined by a visual inspection alone, as the chemical by-products are easily absorbed into both structure and contents materials. Chemical sampling is the standard industry procedure created to determine the level of contamination which determines the required protocol for decontamination.

The waste and by-products that are produced from these illicit labs pose a health risk to anyone who occupies a dwelling that has been affected. Potential health risks and side effects from exposure can range from an acute reaction to more serious ailments like skin reactions, trouble breathing and impaired cognitive function.

Marijuana Grow House Contamination

The houses are typically outfitted with extensive hydroponic equipment to provide water, food, and light to the plants.
Significant damage to the property can occur because of extensive mould growth caused by the abundant supply of moisture.
Further damage occurs because of illegal electrical rewiring and holes created in walls and ceilings.

All contamination, both within structural materials and airborne, should be removed to return the indoor environment to a healthy status, suitable for reoccupation.

FRA will provide a comprehensive decontamination plan of action including:


Independent third-party pretesting to determine the scope of work required.


Removal and correct disposal of contaminated building materials and contents, in compliance with state regulations.


Decontamination services for the structure and contents.


Difficulty breathing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.


Independent third-party post-testing for clearance deeming the property habitable.


Coordination with your loss adjuster, insurance company, property manager, health officer, or local council.

FRA’s highly trained and skilled technicians follow the highest global standards for restoration, cleaning, and decontamination. Firm certified by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), our technicians complete rigorous training to achieve certification.

If you discover a Clandestine lab:



Call local authorities.

Contact your insurance company or your insurance broker.


Call FRA.




Do not enter the property.


Do not attempt to clean the property yourself or hire an unqualified cleaner.


Do not allow anyone accesses to the property unless they are wearing the correct PPE.


Do not allow anyone access who has an underlying health issue.


Do not ignore the problem.

We are available 24/7 Australia-wide to respond to your emergency.

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It is not often I feel compelled to write an email to a company but on this occasion, it is well deserved. From the moment Josh came to inspect our water damage and Aaron overseeing the job at our property and then knocking out walls, floors, ceiling insulation, and more, their work has been exemplary.
Your team's professionalism, high standard of work, getting in and getting the job done, (no mucking about) I am truly grateful for. I must add also calling the reception, the girls there know exactly who you are, and what your job entails, fantastic. So wish all the team at FRA A HUGE THANK YOU!!.
Laura A. - Catering company in Launceston

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