Hi there,

I would just like to pass on some feedback on both Levi & Eric who attended my damaged home in Werribee.

They both were outstanding and efficient with a great work ethic. I had taken time off work to assist as they dismantled my kitchen and brought all of the associated crockery, glassware, etc. outside for me to store away.

Levi constantly provided information, answered all of my questions and nothing was too much trouble for him. Eric was an outstanding worker from go-to-whoa and has a wonderful attitude as well. This combination is often hard to find.

They both ensured that a difficult time for us was just that little bit easier to handle. I manage a number of Delivery teams in my job, and people are often quick to complain, but slow to praise when a job is done well, so I thought I’d pass on some feedback for you.

Thanks again for all of your help.

02. Hi guys,
Just wanted to pass on some really great feedback on a claim that a colleague James and I attended yesterday in Port Melbourne.
This claim was initially incorrectly allocated to a builder as it is a contents only policy, Body Corporate covers the Building.
The Builder appointed FRA to pull out the floating floor.
FRA were able to pull out all the floating floor without damaging the skirting boards or kitchen cabinetry which would not have been easy.
This care has had a huge impact on our customer.
She does not need to claim thru her Body Corp and pay a separate excess. The builders are now able to replace the flooring instead of us having to cash settle our liability for the claimable damages.
Also, James made a few phone calls on site to ensure they were able to complete repairs and they will try their best to complete this without customer having to leave their home and stay in temporary accommodation, again, having a positive impact on our Customers life.
Well done to FRA team and James for taking the time and effort which has a huge impact on the customers experience.
Warm regards

03.Hi Craig,

As per my call today I just wanted to express my appreciation to Rob who came over today to go over our contents claim.

We have not made a claim on house contents before so my and partner were not sure of how complicated it would be.

Firstly Rob arrived on time he introduced himself and immediately I felt at ease, he was outstanding in his approach with the claim explaining everything and pointing out many times if we had any concerns or questions to please ask him.

He presented himself in a professional manner while at the same time remaining bright and cheerful which again made us feel at ease, he took photos of all the damaged items writing a description of them, and explained in detail what the process would be after that.

He left a business card and asked us not to hesitate to call if we had any other concerns or queries. Being our first claim we had many questions which Rob answered on the day.

The only downside is that Rob had come across from the UK has adopted Essendon as his AFL team when clearly Richmond would have been a better option!!

When Rob left we both commented on his professionalism and the fact that he made us both feel at ease with it all.

Hopefully, we won’t ever make another claim but if we do can you please send Rob out!!

04.When we came home and found our home covered in toilet water I had no idea what the severity of the damage was. I contacted my insurance company and they sent FRA out to my property.

Think about your home being destroyed in one night and not knowing what to do. When we saw our children crying and we were thinking we had lost our home for good. It’s a hard pill to swallow for anyone.

FRA attended my property and before they commenced any recovery work, they spoke to my children asking how they were and what they had planned for the school holidays. To see my kids’ faces change from sad to smiles was amazing.

Then they turned to us and said don’t worry as they are here to minimize the damage and help us get sorted immediately. Not only did the crew attend but also the two directors, who reassured me that all would be well. Since that day FRA has remained in contact with me asking how we were and if they could help us with anything.

I had no hesitation or concern leaving my belongings in the hands of the team at FRA. 
This is professionalism at its finest.

Thank you for caring for us FRA

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