Independant School Flood Case Study

In January 2023, FRA successfully managed a complex restoration of a flooded preparatory college in Victoria, efficiently addressing extensive water damage, mitigating secondary damages, and preserving valuable historical contents, all within a tight deadline to minimise business interruption.

What We Did


Thoroughness managing environmental conditions ensured high-quality outcomes.


Effective management of water damage situation showcased ability to meet urgent deadlines.


Carefully restoring irreplaceable items and adhering to strict regulations.

The Job

The Situation

In January 2023, FRA was commissioned to restore the preparatory college in Victoria, after the lower storey of the performing arts centre was flooded with approximately 40,000 liters of water. This extensive water damage impacted both the structure and its contents, including valuable historical documents and antique items.

The building, located below ground level without natural drainage, suffered from severe water accumulation, leading to additional complications such as ongoing water ingress from a non-functional sump pump and a burst water pipe. Elevated relative humidity due to high summer temperatures threatened secondary damage to sensitive areas like the acoustic ceiling and upstairs offices.

What We Did

FRA employed several strategic measures to address these challenges:

Water Extraction: Utilised powerful truck-mounted extraction units to efficiently remove standing water.

Moisture Management: Coordinated with the power company to restore the sump pump using a generator, while specialised plumbers repaired the burst pipe.

Humidity Control: Actively monitored and managed humidity levels to protect the building and its contents from further damage.

Power Restoration: Installed a 240 KVA generator to power essential restoration equipment during a significant power outage.


As part of the restoration, FRA focused on preserving the historical significance of the damaged contents, which included handling delicate items such as 1800s clothing and musical equipment. We ensured compliance with regulations concerning the building’s status as a historical landmark.

Business Interruption and Insurance

The damage necessitated the temporary relocation of school activities, which involved setting up alternative classrooms and coordinating transport for students and teachers. This significantly affected the school’s operations and financial stability. FRA’s prompt and efficient response played a crucial role in minimising the impact of these business interruptions.

Restoration and Repair Timeline

With a tight deadline of just two and a half weeks before the new term, FRA worked tirelessly with contractors to complete the repairs by May 2, 2023.

Cost Savings and Unique Aspects

FRA implemented cost-saving techniques such as using desiccant dehumidifiers and optimising equipment setups to significantly reduce drying times and overall project costs. The project was notable for its focus on preserving irreplaceable historical items through specialised restoration methods and expert tradespeople.

The Result

FRA successfully restored the preparatory college to its pre-damage condition within the required timeline, ensuring that all areas were safe, dry, and free from mould. The project highlighted FRA’s capability to handle complex restoration scenarios involving historical buildings and sensitive contents, reaffirming our position as a trusted partner in property restoration. We restored not just the physical space but also ensured the preservation of invaluable historical assets.

Should you face similar challenges, FRA is ready to deliver a safe, healthy, and clean environment tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.