Queensland Flood Case Study

FRA successfully restored a water-damaged property with meticulous attention to detail, swift action, and stringent safety measures, ensuring client satisfaction and property integrity in an efficient and professional manner.

What We Did


The meticulous approach to addressing the water ingress and mould damage.


Demonstrated value of being reliable and responsive to client needs.


Took immediate action to create a containment zone and addressed potential hazards.

The Job

The Situation

In November 2023, FRA was tasked with addressing a property impacted by a significant water ingress event. Upon evaluation, a hygienist had previously identified water damage and mould growth in the bathroom subfloor, classifying it as a Category 2 water intrusion event, attributed to the contamination of supply water by dust and debris.

During our comprehensive inspection, we discovered that the water damage extended beyond the bathroom, affecting the toilet, hallway, and laundry areas. Over the course of two weeks, FRA made nine visits to the property, committing to restoring it to its condition prior to the loss.

What We Did

Our initial measures included establishing a containment zone to inhibit mould growth and contain airborne spores. Following the hygienist’s recommendations, our skilled technicians undertook the removal of damaged materials, including vinyl flooring, underlays, and various fixtures, while ensuring the property remained safe from electrical hazards and further water ingress through the intervention of our specialised makesafe plumbers and electricians.

Subsequently, the team removed affected hallway plaster and skirting, and performed detailed sanding on all structural bases within the impacted areas, keeping both the property owner and tenant informed throughout the process.

Efforts were made to relocate contents to unaffected regions of the property, with the disposal of items deemed beyond repair. A week into the restoration, visible mould was eradicated, allowing us to initiate the drying phase. Moisture levels, initially surpassing the dry standard of 16%, were meticulously monitored and addressed with advanced drying equipment and techniques.

The Result

Further measures included chemical treatments to prevent mould resurgence and HEPA vacuuming for the removal of non-visible spores. Moisture levels were continuously assessed, ensuring a return to acceptable standards within a structured timeline.

Upon completion, a thorough restoration of the premises was conducted, earning commendation from the tenant, property owner, and manager for the quality of work and efficiency of service.

Should you encounter water damage, FRA stands ready as your trusted partner in delivering a safe, healthy, and clean environment for you and your family.